Antonia Honor Society

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We will meet next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. (March 7-9th)

We are asking each member to bring in 2 regular individual Rolo packs.

Thank you for all the donations!!

Please review the changes below:

The criteria to be considered for Honor Society is:


Your grade point average is between 3.80-4.00.  You have met this requirement already.  

You must have scored Advanced on last year’s MAP test in at least 1 area.  


1.  Students will not be considered if they have had any sort of office or bus referrals for the current school year.  This includes referrals for behavior or tardies to class or to school.  

2.  Students will also be disqualified if they have had more than one late assignment turned in for any given class per quarter or have had ZAP for missing work more than once per quarter.

3. Your teachers will be asked about missing assignments, character, and respect towards school building, teachers, and peers.  

4. To be considered a member of Honor Society you must maintain an attendance rate of 95%.


Each Honor Society candidate will be expected to conduct 3 hours of service to the community.